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Servicing the customer knowledgeably and quickly is the goal of every service-oriented business. The ZoomPOS Point-of Sale application is designed to provide the tools necessary to provide information quickly and complete the sale in as few steps as possible. The multifaceted Point-of-Sale application offers many configurable options to allow you to do business "your way". The goal of every service-oriented business is to service the customers efficiently and quickly. The ZoomPOS Point-of-Sale application is designed to do just that. With both management and customer in mind, this user-friendly package has many functions and options which are available within one easy-to-use location.

Zoompos offers all the features of a regular point of sale system and more. This system being a web based software gives the client great control  in tracking the


(A) If you're a veteran retailer, you know the problem: Your inventory doesn't match your tallies. Sales are going unrecorded. Your staff is spending far too much time chasing mistakes instead of tending to customers.
Something is seriously wrong, and you're just not sure what the problem is.
These and other snafus suggest that it's time that your business did away with its
cash registers and stepped up to ZoomPOS. ZoomPOS system is a computer software and hardware network that records sales as they're occurring; it solves a variety of operational and record-keeping headaches.
If you need more proof, here are seven signs that your business could boom with a point-of-sale system.


(B) POS systems such as ZoomPOS are designed to immediately record any and all sales.

Not only does that mean timely and accurate sales tracking, but a ZoomPOS system also lets you readily identify inventory levels, particularly when what you have on the books doesn't jibe with actual stock."You see it with the onset of sudden shrink — when you realize that inventory is missing or your numbers just never seem to match up. "ZoomPOS has a receiving and inventory module that,

when used properly, can help pinpoint the cause of the shrink."

(C) A common land mine for many small to medium-sized businesses is price reduction — knowing which items have been marked down and recording those discounts accordingly. Rather than

wrestling with cash-register receipts at day's end, ZoomPOS automates the process of introducing markdowns and, in turn, tracking them accurately. "The trends in POS are not just inventory accuracy but the use of pricing models to allow for markdown management.


(D) A similar dynamic holds true with promotions. Whether through coupons, special discounts or other vehicles, promotions can be central to attracting and retaining business. Trouble is, managing and reconciling short-term specials — not to mention pinpointing their impact — can be nigh impossible without the automation and immediacy of a point-of-sale system. "Many small retailers invest in things such as direct home marketing. "At the end of the promotion, those with manual cash

registers are hard pressed to tell you how successful the promotion was. The ZoomPOS store can pretty much tell you to the penny how they did."

(E) You may be surprised to discover that you actually run two businesses: one when you're there and its

evil twin when you don't happen to be around. Many operations suffer in employee efficiency and customer service when the boss is away. Automating a host of functions via  ZoomPOS can help boost those areas, no matter where the head honcho happens to be. ZoomPOS lets you have that important level of control when you're not there."

(F) Buying business equipment piecemeal can be pricey. If you find your checkbook wearing thin from the expense of software and other gear, a comprehensive point-of-sale system may include them in a single package. "ZoomPOS systems have add-on modules like payroll time clocks and customer preference databases,. That removes the need for small businesses to invest in separate systems for those purposes.

(G) Little is more maddening to a business owner than watching his or her staff bogged down with inefficient, unproductive responsibilities, from double-checking inventory disparities to seemingly endless cash-register reconciliation. Perhaps the greatest

advantage to a comprehensive point-of-sale network is the freedom it can afford your personnel to devote their energy to what genuinely matters the most: helping customers."A good POS allows you to allocate your human resources to the customer service area of the business. "That means they no longer have to be counting, calculating, ordering and checking cash-register accuracy."

Configuration Installation and Traning

Zoompos offers comprehensive configuration, installation and support services.
While some businesses have the time and the skills s to build their own POS databases with vendor, customer, inventory departments, and inventory items, plus install software, create a computer network, configure merchant card services, establish business practices in a POS/CRM environment and train employees; others prefer to rely on the expertise of experienced consultants who have the training and skills necessary to most efficiently establish a point-of-sale and customer relationship management system.
Fortunately, our experience has established significant economies and efficiencies that offer appreciable time and money savings to our clients. Here are some of our firms standard services in this area:


Service Item


Description of Service


Standard Cost


Database Construction


Point-of-Sale Database Construction, Creation of all Vendors, Inventory Departments, Inventory Items, Customers and Tender Types.
Up to 6 hours



Special Configuration

Technical Services, Hourly Rate, rate for special configuration of POS System





Installation Services

Cabling, Network setup, all POS Equipment set up and Test for proper operations. Per Hour Rate


High Speed DSL Installation on Site

Installation of DSL equipment on site, does not include travel, client must supply modem, cable and access instruction from services provider.





On-line Training

On-line training, Requires User Internet access with computer, and telephone, thru Go Meeting
Session 1: .5 hour Clerk Training: Sales Transactions, Returns, Credits & Close Out
Session 2: 1 hour Manager/Back Office, Inventory Control, Purchase Orders


One Day Training Seminar, Cooperate

Setup of all equipment on location,
Session 1: 2 hour Clerk Training: Sales Transactions, Returns, Credits & Close Out
Session 2: 2 hour Manager/Back Office, Inventory Control, Purchase Orders; Daily, Weekly and Monthly Accounting Procedures and Maintenance Operations


Installation & One Day Training Seminar, any location

Setup of all equipment on location,
Session 1: 2 hour Clerk Training: Sales Transactions, Returns, Credits & Close Out
Session 2: 2 hour Manager/Back Office, Inventory Control, Purchase Orders; Daily, Weekly and Monthly Accounting Procedures and Maintenance Operations
* Includes travel expenses to most all locations in the Jamaica.





On Site plus Telephonic Support 1

Business Hour Telephonic and On site support, up to 2 hours per month, includes annual on site inspection & maintenance. Auto billed monthly, requires Remote Desktop Connection


On Site plus Telephonic Support 2

Business Hour Telephonic and On site support, up to 4 hours per month, includes monthly on site inspection & maintenance. Auto billed monthly, requires Remote Desktop Connection





Software Support 1

Single User Customer Support, 1 year 


Software Support 2

Multi User Customer Support, 1 year 


Soft Support Com Cash

“Annual Benefits Package”


PC Charge Support

Annual Support Agreement



In today's retail environment you need all the competitive edge you can get. The Zoompos software that can help you get that edge with the management tools you need to build your business. No matter what your retail specialty,from clothing to gifts, hardware to books, grocery to liquor,our POS software has a proven track record. Technology can give you the tools and time to be more creative and more efficient. Let us show you how!

Retail system management made easy through The Zoompos retail point of sale software and system solutions.

The Zoompos is a affordable solution for your retail business. With years of experience in retail point of sale software,"POS"  we will designed the system from the ground up to be both powerful and easy to use. You won't find a  more complete POS software package for under $70,000 No matter what size retail store you have, there's a Zoompos version to suit your needs.


  • How do I justify the expense of a computer system for my location?
    Consider these costly problems commonly found at many stores without the benefits of a full POS systems:
    • math errors
    • items not charged for
    • unreadable orders
    • inconsistent pricing
    • theft
    • uncontrolled food and labor costs
    • bad checks
  • What type of payment options are available?

Our account representatives can step you through the process of buying a POS system in a matter of days.

Zoompos Company Information (FAQ)

  • How long has Zoompos been in business? The manufactures of  Zoompos has been in the software business for years Zoompos is however a new POS system developed for the Jamaican market.
  • How many systems does Zoompos have in the field? Zoompos currently has systems in place across the United States, Canada, and worldwide ( Jamaica a new market). Our mid-range size provides us the unique ability to take the time to analyze the individual requirements of each client while still being able to draw from a depth of experience. 
  • What if I need software customization for my operation? Zoompos has been designed and developed from the ground up from the comments and suggestions of our user-base.  
  • Where can I see a Zoompos system? A Zoompos sales executive would be happy to provide user references or arrange a live demonstration in your local area.


 Hardware Questions

  • What type of hardware do you sell? All Zoompos systems are now shipping on and backed by the award winning quality and on-site hardware warranty of Dell, Inc. This on-site service, directed by our knowledgeable and easily accessible help desk team, is a combination that will guarantee reliability for your system. 
  • Who builds your systems? Each system is fully assembled and thoroughly tested here in our on-site production facility before it arrives at your location. We do not drop ship any equipment directly to your location without quality control checking it here first. Our product specialists work directly with you through the production phase to verify your menu, pricing, printing and other site-specific requirements are pre-configured to match your specifications.
  • How is your hardware warranted/supported? All Dell computers ship with a three year warranty and on-site support program backed directly from Dell, Inc. All other peripherals are warranted for one year, with touch screens warranted for two years. Our 'Hot Spare' program means we stock replacement units ready to go at a moment's notice. In the event you have a hardware failure, Zoompos can have a spare unit to you the next morning. If problems occur out of warranty, Zoompos can repair your unit or send you a refurbished unit to minimize downtime and expense.
  • How difficult is it to set up a system? What are my options for installation? For larger systems we offer and recommend the option for complete on-site installation and training. For small to mid sized systems it's simple and cost-effective for the operator to setup their system with the help of our technicians only a phone call away. All systems pre-configured and thoroughly tested complete with diagrams and cables customized to the specifics of each location.


Call us :  (876) 869-4623

Email us: horane.brown@gmail.com

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